Saturday, September 13, 2008

Canon EOS 30D

The Canon EOS-30D is the latest in Canon's broad line of digital SLR models, but it is more evolutionary than revolutionary, keeping most of what was excellent about its predecessor, the EOS 20D. Canon says they listened to feedback from 20D customers and made modifications to make an even better 20D. The resulting Canon 30D still has the same 8 megapixel sensor, main processor, and basic body design of the 20D, but it's been augmented with a larger screen, a more durable shutter, and a 3.5% spot metering mode, among other improvements.

As did the 20D, the new Canon 30D offers impressive noise performance at high ISOs, with the result that its images at ISO 1600 are remarkably clean-looking, and its shots at ISO 3200 are very usable. Simultaneous with the increase in resolution, the Canon EOS 30D also brings improved shooting speed, with a 5 frame/second continuous mode and unusually deep buffer memory. For all its technical sophistication though, the camera avoids any sense of needless technology for technology's sake: The Canon EOS 30D is clearly focused on a single purpose: Helping photographers capture excellent images. Read on, there's a lot of ground to cover...