Friday, September 12, 2008

General Electric G1 Digital Camera

Review by Emily Raymond

As the digital camera industry matures and some perennial manufacturers drop out (e.g. Konica Minolta), it’s a rare occasion that newcomers arrive on the field. Nevertheless, refrigerator and appliance manufacturer General Electric formed a branch called General Imaging and decided to create its own brand of digital cameras. In its first batch of releases is the GE G1, an ultra-slim model that totes 7 megapixels and an internal 3x optical zoom lens. The tiny, trendy G1 sells for a budget-friendly $199.

Physical Tour

Front (6.0)

The front looks like a cross between a flat Sony T-series digital camera and a shiny black refrigerator. The left side of the front curves ever so slightly to the back to make somewhat of a hand grip, although the surface is so slick that this camera will slide right out of your hands if they’re even a bit sweaty. There is a circular GE logo on the left that certainly reinforces the refrigerator look. In the lower left corner are printed words: “7.0 megapixel G1.” The upper right portion of the center of the camera houses the lens unit, surrounded by a square, chrome frame. To the right of the tiny lens is a tiny LED indicator lamp that doubles as an auto focus assist lamp. To the left of the lens is a small flash unit., and below the lens are the printed lens’ specs: “3x optical zoom 6.4-19.2mm 1:3.5-4.3.” Echoing the chrome frame around the lens is a larger rectangular chrome frame around the entire front.