Friday, September 26, 2008

Pentax K-m

Richard Butler & Lars Rehm

The fastest-growing part of the camera market is currently being powered by photographers moving from compact cameras to DSLRs. Unfortunately for manufacturers, the added competition this has attracted has seen the prices they can charge being eroded (although it could be argued that the lower prices are spurring some of that growth). Rather than trying to slash the prices on their existing, highly-featured cameras, there has been a trend towards designing simplified cameras that can be made and sold more cheaply, offering only the features that first-time DSLR users will want without appearing too intimidating.

For many years, Pentax was often in the position of offering the least-expensive DSLR on the market with some keenly-priced entry-level offerings. However, the latest generation of down-specced and aggressively-priced models from Nikon and Sony have dramatically changed the price-conscious end of the market. Pentax has clearly been watching these developments closely and has responded with this, the Pentax K-m.