Thursday, January 1, 2009

Olympus SP-570UZ Digital Camera Review

by Steve Morgenstern

If you feel your inner paparazzo yearning to come out and play, consider the Olympus SP-570UZ with its whopping 20x zoom lens – the equivalent of a 28mm-520mm zoom in 35mm photography. We had lots of fun shooting with this camera, firing off photos of architectural details, birds and beasts acting natural and people acting silly, all of them far from the spot we were standing. And while the telephoto lens is the headline feature, the 28mm wide angle means you don't sacrifice the ability to shoot panoramas or groups of friends in cramped indoor spaces. Image quality isn't stellar, but it's not bad either, and manual controls and customization options abound. Our detailed rundown on the pros and cons of this 10-megapixel, $450 ultra-zoom follows.